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Frances Hahn



Frances Hahn is best known for her figurative work of sassy women blowing bubblegum and abstract landscapes.

Frances’ artwork is currently featured on one of our Guelph Transit bus ads. Along with that, you can find Frances’ art on Andra’s postcards and in the January and September months of Andra’s 2020 Calendar!

Frances paints in her Guelph studio and we’re so proud to call her a friend, client and fellow Guelphite!


Follow her on instagram to see what she’s working on: @franceshilaryhahn

Frances’ full portfolio of original work can be found at franceshahn.fluidgalleries.co 


Learn More

Website: franceshahn.com

Phone: (519) 362-0831

Instagram: @franceshilaryhahn

Portfolio: franceshahn.fluidgalleries.co

Email: [email protected]


Inspired by nature, colour, and movement, Lucy tries to express these elements through her abstract art.

In her Fergus studio, she works mainly in acrylic and oils with spirts of mixed media.

Lucy’s art is currently featured on Andra’s Guelph Transit ads. Keep an eye out for them on the roads because they’ll make you smile!


Follow Lucy on Instagram to see her latest artwork:



Website: artbylucych.ca

Instagram: @art.by.lucych

Facebook: @artbylucych

Email: [email protected]


After ten years of capturing wedding, family and portrait photography, Jan ventured out into the world of landscape photography and never looked back.

With a keen eye for unique images that capture moods and moments from Guelph, surrounding areas and even worldwide, Jan has a tangible way of bringing her images to life.

Jan encourages others to look around, look up, and see their surroundings in new ways. “When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes” – Anonymous.   


Keep an eye out for Jan’s photography in your mailbox and on a Guelph Transit bus in January 2021!


Learn More

Website: picturesquevic.com

Instagram: @picturesquevic

Facebook: @picturesquevic

Email: [email protected]


Perry is a self-taught artist who paints in her Guelph home studio. Her inspiration is colour. The more she can use the better.

Her art is cheerful, fun and whimsical. It reflects the joy she feels when creating her pieces. She recently started experimenting with digital art which has added a whole new dimension to her work.

Perry creates such happy art and we’re so glad she shares it with all of us! A number of Perry’s pieces are featured on our local postcards! Keep an eye out for one in your mailbox.

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