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Choosing a realtor® can be such a daunting task because of the multitude of realtors available in the market. The role of a competent and credible realtor® can never be underemphasized because of the role they play in assisting clients in the purchase or sale of their homes. From proper paperwork to proficient evaluation of properties, down to simple market consultation, these and many more are some of the vital roles usually handled by realtors. When it comes to choosing a credible Guelph realtor®, make sure to ask around for one that is highly visible and recommended. The question remains, What are the most important traits you, as a home buyer or seller, should look for in a realtor®?


Communication is vital. Communication helps to create a solid bond between you and your desired realtor®. As a buyer or seller, seeking a realtor®, you should look out for a realtor® that possesses excellent communication skills and willing to listen to your requests. A real estate agents with great communication and listening skills will pay

One That Truly Cares and Has Your Job at Heart

There’s a huge gap between a real estate agent who sells and a real estate agent who sells and cares. Do not choose realtors or agents who don’t take your feelings into consideration, don’t know sufficient knowledge about the market and neighborhoods and are not willing to earn your business. A good agent will follow up promptly, offer suggestions, assist you through the buying/selling process and understand your specific needs.

Smart & Reliable

This is highly important because it quickens the sales and purchase process. They should have extensive knowledge about their environment, market statistics and other vital information. This includes knowledge of the community, market trends, available finance options, schools, recreation and local ordinances. This can only come with experience and dedication to being of service.

Experienced and Possess a Track Record

When it comes to purchasing or selling your home, it’s essential that you do not allow your emotions to control your decision. Having a broker who is honest, ethical and non-emotional is extremely important. A good realtor® should be able to tell you the flaws of the property you may be selling or purchasing. When it comes to sourcing or making use of a realtor® either for your buying or selling process, it is crucial that you take note of the above points and refuse to be controlled by your emotions. A Guelph real estate agent who is highly recommended, with a proven track record, extensive knowledge relating to the real estate business will help you navigate through your very important real estate transition.

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