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Joe MacDowell's Favourite Neighbourhood


Downtown is a representation of what a city is all about. The businesses, the homes, the community, these things all work together to create a booming neighbourhood. For Joe MacDowell, downtown Guelph is his favourite place to spend time. Guelphites will probably agree with him on this point since this is home to the most influential hotspots in the city.


Downtown Guelph is constantly improving and finding new ways to establish itself. The trusted downtown core has much to offer when you’re bored. There’s more stuff to do here than anywhere else in Guelph. Feeling smart? Go check out the Public Library. Feeling peckish? Try one of the many delicious restaurants. If you’re looking for nightlife, look no further. The streets get lively during the night. Joe would also like to give a shoutout to Latino’s Restaurant, they used to be one of his favourite places to eat in town.


Living downtown is unlike any other neighbourhood. With the vast display of infrastructure, it allows for a sustainable lifestyle like any other. You could live comfortably downtown without a license or a car. Anything you need can be found in the downtown area within walking distance. But just in case your feet are tired, Central Station is conveniently located on Carden Street.

There is plenty of room for new residents looking to invest in some downtown real estate. Joe MacDowell provided these useful statistics. The average housing in the city centre in 2020 is 612k, an increase of 13.4% since 2019. This includes the beautiful residential area surrounding the Church of our Lady which has a mix of contemporary and classic homes. In addition to the brand new apartment building constructed on Yarmouth Street, there’s a place for everyone. And if you’re someone who enjoys supporting local businesses and participating in lively events, Downtown is the place for you.

Joe Macdowell

Written by Gabriel Bertuola

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