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Ever wonder where to start?

Where to Start: Your Real Estate Journey. In a day where there is so much information, sometimes I think there is just too much. Knowing where to start can be difficult.

Knowledge is power indeed but knowledge isn’t information. Knowledge is being educated in a subject and/or understanding, and education doesn’t mean school. Honestly, I did just okay in school – it just wasn’t my thing.

My expertise and/or your realtors’ expertise is not just that they have a real estate license and they’ve passed their courses. It’s their experience and their dedication to you. A Real Estate professional is just that – a professional! If you ever hear the word professional you don’t think part-time, you know like a side business. I always find that amazing to think that it’s even conceivable that selling real estate could be a part-time thing. 

It’s not just data analysis

Buying and selling a home is not just data analysis, some people think that… heck, some people doing the job think that.  It’s not that, it’s knowing the neighbourhoods and the demographics, will your clients be the right fit? It’s understanding that even though a house a client loves as their dream home may not matter. It could be in the wrong place as in the wrong school district or because the work commute is too long. It’s understanding a whole life happens in a home and it’s a tremendously emotional event.

In my case, my expertise is my innate ability to know people. It’s my gift and it truly is a gift. My experience at my job combined with my ability to connect is what helps me help you. I know this just seems like rambling. I find I’m better face to face than writing this stuff.

Trust is important

What I’m getting at is the first step is finding someone you trust, someone who you fit with. 

They should be able to answer things like:
Who do I talk to about a mortgage?? This one is key, the hardest thing to watch is someone finding a home they love and finding out they can’t afford it. What does qualifying look like? Or what tax benefits do I qualify for? What are the steps? What does homeownership look like? Is it a good investment? 

And these are just for buyers!

I’ve been meaning to start writing and this is a start. 🙂

I think it starts with a conversation and a smile, whether it’s an excited smile or a smile of compassion, it’s the best way to start and the only way to start.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, reach out! I’m here to help.

Take care,


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  1. Sharon

    Andra, you have know idea how your words/ thoughts have given my “food for thought”, as I step into a whole new way of life, “starting the second chapter, you might say … thank you! xx

    1. andrasglasses

      I’m so excited for you. I know that losing Al was just so hard for you and knowing that you have found a new partner to enjoy life with means everything to me. Good luck and lots of love to you.

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