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Bathroom Fan Cleaning Tips | Alli’s TidBit Tuesday

This week’s #TidBitTuesday is about Bathroom Fan Cleaning Tips!

I am the first to always forget to clean the bathroom fans in my home, yet that’s always the first thing I notice when I go into someone else’s home… figures 🙂

It doesn’t need to be done frequently, I always like to attempt to do mine once every 3 months.

Keep reading to learn how you can make your bathroom fan spick and span – especially before listing your home!

What You’ll Need:

How to Clean Your Bathroom Fan:

  1. Remove fan cover (ensure fan is off first), pull down a couple inches then remove off the wire clips.

  2. Please cover on an old towel and give it a good vacuum

  3. Once all the dust is removed, I soak my fan cover in warm water with a tablespoon of liquid Lysol (vinegar could also work) for 5 minutes – give a good wipe after.

  4. I always vacuum in the fan vent also to clear any dust bunnies that have accumulated.

  5. Attach vent cover back on the clips and put back in place.

Voila, a nice sparkly clean bathroom vent fan!

Thanks for reading! Stay Tuned for More TidBit Tuesdays with Alli!

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